How To Get The Medicare Benefits You Deserve

Easy ways to get the benefits you – or your loved ones – deserve (BPT) – Some 60 million Americans receive Medicare benefits each year to help pay for health care and prescription drugs, according to the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the federal agency that runs the program. Yet, many don’t … Read more

Where To Find Senior Discounts

Senior discounts are plentiful but ever-changing. Here are our Top 10 categories for senior discounts. They are organized categories to make discounts easier to find. Just click on the links below to jump to the category of discount you want. Restaurants Grocers Health Care Retail Communications Transportation Travel & Leisure Car Rental Movie theaters Services … Read more

5 Ways to Save Big on Everyday Essentials

Online shopping

With many Americans spending more time at home, they are also using more common household items such as cleaning supplies, pantry items and snacks, among other things. According to a Harris Poll survey, Americans are concerned about the economic impact the pandemic will have on their lives. These economic concerns are leading shoppers to seek … Read more

What Can Seniors Do to Earn Money?

What can seniors do to earn money

Many seniors find themselves wanting to supplement their retirement income after leaving the workforce. Fortunately, there are tons of opportunities online for seniors to continue earning money from the comfort of their own home. One of the easiest ways for seniors to make money is through E-commerce. Sell your collectibles, share your handmade goods, market … Read more

Is senior rent assistance available?

Senior apartment

Seniors often face significant challenges in finding safe, affordable housing. The triple-headed monster of high health care costs, limited mobility, and limited or fixed incomes compound the problem! Being a low income senior is much more common than most people realize. The good news for seniors is that there is rental assistance for seniors in … Read more

Retirement Jobs For Baby Boomers

Retirement jobs online

Retirement has changed.  Many baby boomers are looking for retirement jobs. The reasons are many. Things do not look as rosy as they once might have looked for boomers.  Covid-19 has consumed considerable equity in the stock markets. It has driven unemployment to historic levels. The lack of savings on the part of Baby Boomers … Read more

Mortgage relief during COVID-19


(BPT) – In these unprecedented times, when many families are facing physical, emotional and financial hardships, a common question is, “How do I keep up with my mortgage when I’m not working?” First, you need to know that mortgage relief during Covid-19 is possible. A home is a family’s most important asset. But now it’s … Read more

Focusing On Your Financial Health In Times of Crisis

Focusing on financial health

(BPT) – It will take some time to adjust and recover from the major disruption experienced because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many consumers are now figuring out how to cope with challenges when it comes to their financial health during times of crisis. People are feeling the financial strain of not being able to go … Read more

Life Settlements: A Viable Option for Today’s Seniors

Are life settlements an option for you?

Life settlements can be a viable option for seniors willing to exchange their life insurance policies for immediate cash. A life settlement is the sale of an existing life insurance policy for a lump sum of money. It allows policyholders to access the fair market value of their life insurance. The policyholder sells their policies … Read more

Combating Financial Anxiety During a Pandemic

Financial concerns from the global pandemic

(BPT) – In the face of the Covid-19 global pandemic, financial anxiety is an everyday reality. Concerns surrounding personal finances, businesses shutting down and market volatility have us navigating new waters. We are experiencing more acutely than ever before how our financial lives are intertwined with our mental health. Amanda Clayman, financial therapist and Prudential’s … Read more