Where Do Seniors Citizens Live?

The question “Where do senior citizens live?” is really two very different questions. What is the nature and location of the senior’s living accommodations? Where are seniors physically located geographically? Senior Citizen living accommodations First, let’s take a look at living accommodations. Aging in place is the first option. Aging in place means that a … Read more

What Do Seniors Look For In A Retirement Community?

Retirement community

Moving into a retirement community is a life-changing experience for many seniors who were previously living alone and taking care of themselves, often for many years. Seniors often need help deciding what type of retirement community is appropriate for their circumstances. Options range from the carefree lifestyle of age-restricted communities to full-time nursing care. Types … Read more

Three ways to simplify retirement income planning

Simplify retirement income planning

(BPT) – Having enough money to live comfortably in retirement is the primary saving and investing goal for most Americans. Retirement means different things to different people. It can be a time to travel, spend more time with family or pursue a personal passion. But while we look forward with anticipation to finally reaching that … Read more

4 Steps to Market-proof Your Retirement

Market-proof your retirement

(BPT) – Consider this scenario: You retire confidently with $1 million, but immediately get hit with a huge stock-market decline. “A major mistake I see people make is to assume that their investment returns will be average every year of retirement,” says Daniel M. Keady, CFP®, chief financial planning strategist at TIAA. “Retire when the … Read more

Retirement: Who, What, When, Where and Why


In the newspaper business, when a reporter wants to find out all about a potential story, they always ask the big five questions: Who, what, when, where and why. Sometimes they add how, as well. If the reporter can get these basic questions answered about any story, that is considered good research. They will have … Read more

Planning to retire on your 65th birthday?

Planning to retire

(Brandpoint) The traditional notion of retirement — a switch from full-time work to full-time leisure — is becoming a thing of the past for millions of Americans. In fact, according to a recent UnitedHealthcare survey (conducted by Wakefield Research on behalf of UnitedHealthcare) of 1,000 nationally representative Americans 62 and older, 24% of those who … Read more

How to pay for senior living

(BPT) – Shopping. Cooking. Cleaning. The burdens of living alone were taking a toll on Joyce, who at 89 was the oldest resident in her apartment building. Though she’d spent a lifetime saving money, Joyce wasn’t sure what she could afford. Her daughter Sandy knew it was time to talk about senior living. “It took … Read more