Blood Pressure Monitor for Home Use

Omron Evolv Bluetooth Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Portable, Onepiece Design

The first three times my family doctor told me to start tracking my blood pressure on a regular basis, I ignored him. The fourth time, I went to the local drug store and bought an old-fashion blood pressure monitor. I was quite comfortable being able to ignore it just like I ignored the doctor. Finally, … Read more

SoClean 2 Premium Package

SoClean 2

Quite frankly, I put off investigating a SoClean for my CPAP machine for a long time. I had seen ads for the SoClean machines, but, I put them off. I thought the product was a bit pricey. Unfortunately, I also put off cleaning my CPAP with great regularity. Finally, a friend that I met at … Read more