What Do Seniors Worry About Most?

What do seniors worry about most?

Our generation is a generation of worriers. It is what we do! We grew up on an era of air raid drills and bomb shelters. So what do seniors worry about most?  A recent study conducted for the Home Instead Senior Care network identified the top 10 things seniors over 55 fear most. They represent … Read more

Is It Safe For Senior Citizens to live alone?

Social media can plan an important role in socializing seniors aging in place.

About 27 percent of older adults 65 and older live alone according to Pew Research.  But is it safe?  Is it born out of preference or necessity? The answer to the question Is it safe for senior citizens to be living alone? is both yes and no!  The real answer is that it depends. Many … Read more

Is senior rent assistance available?

Senior apartment

Seniors often face significant challenges in finding safe, affordable housing. The triple-headed monster of high health care costs, limited mobility, and limited or fixed incomes compound the problem! Being a low income senior is much more common than most people realize. The good news for seniors is that there is rental assistance for seniors in … Read more

What Services Do Seniors Need Most?

Sometimes aging seniors need a little help from their frriends

Most research indicates that most aging seniors would prefer to say at home. To do that, seniors need help. What services do seniors need most? Here is our list of the top 10 senior needs: Mobility Medication Transportation Personal Care Nutrition Relationships Routine Respect Comfort Physical Activity Top 10 most common needs of aging seniors … Read more