Daydreaming of travel? 5 ways to save money now on future trips

Consider a nature-focused vacation

(BPT) – As the world seeks a “new normal” following the advent of COVID-19, many Americans are looking forward to taking trips again — albeit safer, carefully chosen vacations. A mid-May survey by research firm Destination Analysts found nearly seven in 10 Americans greatly miss vacationing. More than half miss the planning itself. Forty-five percent … Read more

A Baby Boomer’s Guide to Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is this Sunday. We all have a Mother! It’s time to celebrate. Unfortunately, many take both Mother, and Mother’s Day for granted. We all have, as children growing up. This could be doubly true this year when we are all dealing with some sort of quarantine. But Mother’s Day is more than just … Read more

Family-Friendly Ways to Rethink Favorite Recipes

American Pecan Council

(Family Features) Freshen up family dinners by adding new ingredients like pecans, with natural richness and subtle sweetness coupled with an irresistible crunch. Kitchen staples are being used to add twists to traditional dishes, so finding an item you can use to mix up classic family recipes is key. Pecans pack flavor, texture, and nutrition … Read more

Take Travel Online with Vrbo

Travel online to but the Covid-19 quarantine blues.

(Family Features) A dream vacation is a perfect antidote to stress and the monotony of daily life. When a getaway isn’t in the cards, you can still escape and explore new places virtually if you travel online. A virtual trip can be a great way to explore destinations you might consider for a future vacation. … Read more

Serve a Protein-Packed Salad

Serve a protein packed salad

(Family Features) A salad can fill an empty stomach for nearly any purpose, from an al fresco snack to a family appetizer. When combined with protein like chicken, a salad can become a full, nutritious meal all on its own. If you’re looking for a way to take your salad from snack or side to … Read more

Stuck Inside? 6 Fun Enrichment Activities For Your Pet

Enrichment activities for you and your pets

(BPT) – It’s no secret that pets provide love, loyalty, and affection. This is even more apparent now that you’re spending more time at home stuck inside with them. In fact, according to the 2020 Purina Pet Ownership Survey, 94% of pet owners rely on their pets for emotional support, which is particularly important during … Read more

Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary | What It Means Today

Solar will play a big part of Earth Day

(BPT) – To say these are challenging times is a vast understatement. In the course of just weeks, everyone’s lives have been completely disrupted. Routines have been upended. The world is still reeling as everybody struggles to figure out what it all means. They are struggling both in terms of their daily life and for … Read more

4 Ways to Help Nurses During the Coronavirus Pandemic

4 ways to help nurses

(Family Features) America’s nurses are on the front lines of the fight against coronavirus. They are providing safe, quality, compassionate, and nondiscriminatory care to those they serve. Many are doing so at significant risk to their own well-being. The American Nurses Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the American Nurses Association. It has created the … Read more

Nutritious Meals at Home

Nutritious Eating

Better-for-you family foods with satisfying flavor (Family Features) If spending additional time in the comfort of your home has you rethinking the family menu and looking for new ways to enjoy nutritional meals, rest assured you can make better-for-you food choices without losing mouthwatering taste. Easy, efficient at-home recipes like Thai Coconut Lime Freezer Chicken, … Read more