Green Side of the Grass

Green side of the grass

Looking for a positive attitude today. Perhaps this video will help. It certainly puts things in perspective, doesn’t it. For the story behind the song, click here.

Rock and Roll Never Forgets

Bob Seger

It’s a sad thing when we, as baby boomers, begin to feel like “old fogies” when it comes to music and the “hip” things going on in popular culture. It’s also easy to forget that the rock music and many other genres of modern music got their launch way back during the days when baby … Read more

3 ways to improve your self-care routine

Sleep is essential to good self-care.

(BPT) – Self-care — the practice of taking care of oneself — has become a hot topic across generational groups including senior citizens. Sleep, stress management, and fitness as key areas to build better habits. But where to start? Here are three tips for practicing better self-care. 1) Get a sleep routine Only 11 percent … Read more

The Sound Of Insomnia

The Sound of Insomnia

Have you had nights when you were attempting to fall asleep but kept hearing the wind whipping outside or water dripping from the faucet that kept you awake? Congratulations! You have insomnia! Regardless of how hard you try to relax and calm down, the possibility of sleep does not seem promising as you continue to … Read more

Should Seniors Seek Outdoor Entertainment

Making time to enjoy the outdoors is a simple way to boost your physical and mental well-being, no matter your age. For a senior citizen, outdoor entertainment is great to build your personal satisfaction with life. Whether you venture out to the porch to watch the sunset or lace up your golf shoes for an … Read more

5 Advantages of Traveling on a Small Cruise Ship

(BPT) – Close your eyes and imagine your perfect ocean voyage. Are you peaceful and serene, gently floating toward exciting ports? Do you imagine a leisurely trip, with a delightful itinerary and plenty of time to explore your ideal destinations? If that’s the picture of your dream cruise, chances are you’re imagining a small ship. … Read more

6 Ways to Create Community In Your Neighborhood

(BPT) – It’s easy to see the value of living in caring neighborhoods and being good neighbors. One recent survey found 75 percent of Americans think it’s important to welcome new neighbors, 58 percent say it’s important for neighbors to socialize and 37 percent are more likely to seek help from a neighbor than a … Read more