Tips To Create The Ultimate Backyard Movie Night

Backyard movie nights are trending in summer 2020. Whether you want a romantic evening with your partner, fun family activity for all ages, or a memorable event with friends, backyard movie nights are a great option that can be planned again and again.

To create the ultimate movie night, you need a few essentials. Consider these six steps to get ready for a season of cinema fun.

Step 1: The screen

To help everyone enjoy a great view, you’ll want a screen as the centerpiece of the event. The cheapest option is to iron and hang a white bed sheet. However, to get a better quality viewing experience, consider buying white blackout fabric from your local craft store. Of course if you are serious about your outdoor movie nights, you may want to invest in an outdoor projection screen that rolls up and can be stored after each event.

Step 2: A projector

Not all portable projectors are created equal, and it’s worthwhile to invest in a good one for the best experience year after year. For example, the LG PH30N features a portable, lightweight design at 5-by-5-by-1.5-inches and weighs just 1.1 pounds. A small size with big impact, you get an impressive home theater experience with a rich picture in 1280 by 720 HD resolution up to 100 inches (measured diagonally), and brightness of 250 ANSI lumens. The powerful LED light source displays bright images with a lamp lasting up to 30,000 hours (up to 10 years based on a usage of 8 hours a day). Learn more at

Step 3: Seating

Think high to low when setting up seating to allow everyone a good view of the screen. Blankets with pillows are perfect for up front and are popular with kids. In the back, folding chairs or lawn furniture is ideal for adults or others who like to sit up without blocking another’s view. Stagger seating as necessary and add small tables as needed for food and drinks. You may want to add bins of blankets and pillows for extra comfort so people can grab them if desired.

Step 4: Snacks and refreshments

No movie experience is complete without favorite treats. For small groups, buy boxes of movie-style candy at your local store to give the experience an authentic feel. Popcorn in individual bowls and your favorite drinks will make for perfect snacking. For larger groups, set up a snack buffet with jars of candy such as licorice and gummies, plus coolers full of drinks. You might even create a popcorn bar where people can scoop their desired amount into bowls and top with a variety of savory, sweet and salty toppings.

Step 5: Lighting

The best time for an outdoor movie is after sunset. However, you might want to add some light for safety and convenience. String lights are an affordable way to light pathways back to the house or around landscaping. Additionally, small flashlights for guests are a great option. You can get some at your local dollar store and they make a great party favor to take home after the event. You may even plan a pre-movie activity where kids can decorate their flashlight with stickers, gems and markers.

Step 6: Alert neighbors

You want your movie night to be a positive experience for everyone. With these steps you have the makings of a fun evening for guests, but as a courtesy, you should alert your neighbors of your plans. That way they know there may be more activity outdoors than usual. You should also keep sound at a reasonable level and select PG films to ensure appropriate language and content for everyone.

PS: Don’t forget the bug spray!