Beware the Turkey Carver

Thanksgiving Turkey

Everywhere I look this week, I see a lot of turkeys!  Some are people.  Some are birds.  I am also reminded of a lot of traditions.  After all, Thanksgiving is a holiday of traditions.  Some traditions unite.  Some traditions divide.  It is almost like politics.  One of the most divisive traditions in our family is … Read more

Eight reasons I like October.

Happy October

Now that October is almost half over, I find that there is a lot to like about October as a senior citizen. Since Oct – the prefix for October – means eight, eight seemed like a good number of reasons why I like October. There are probably many more but eight reasons I like October … Read more

My Youth: Things I Miss

Things I miss | Raspberries

As I sit here firmly entrenched into my eighth decade, I find myself reflecting more often on the things I miss most from my youth.   It hurts to even say “eighth decade.”  Makes me want to lay down and take a nap.  There is the question, of course, of just exactly when my youth was.  … Read more

Am I a Luddite

I’m thinking of becoming a Luddite. We are being over-teched to death. Soon, I won’t be able to use cash, check, credit card, or debit card at 7-Eleven. I saw it online so it must be true! How in the world am I going to pay for my Diet Dr. Pepper? Seriously, I do think … Read more